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Dimension (L x W x H)

All Custom Sizes Available


100 to 500000

Paper / Card Material

10pt to 28pt White SBS Card,

E-flute Corrugated,


CMYK Colors,

PMS (Pantone Matching System),

Spot Colors,


Gloss Lamination,

Matte Lamination,

Spot Gloss UV,



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Die Cutting,

Additional Options

Foil Stamping available in Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, Green, Rose Gold & Blue Color,


Flat View ,

3D Mock-up ,

Physical Sampling (On request) ,


Standard Production Plan:

10-12 days for production & 4 - 5 business days for ground delivery. 

Expedite Production Plan:

8 days for production & 4 - 5 business days for ground delivery. 



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Packed in Boxes,





While running a business or thinking of starting one, we consider many factors that my effect the business and work on things that may help enhance and flourish it. While the product quality is one of them, presentation is also one important factor that should be given attention and time to. A lot of brands work on their presentation skills and products so as to lure the customers into buying their products. There have been many different types of packaging solutions introduced and foot lock tray boxes are one of them. Also, apart from making the box eye catching, it should be of a quality good enough to bear the weight of product packed inside and protect it from damage as well. And these foot lock tray boxes are one such a kind.
Most often used for bakery items, these boxes can also be used for garments and other products as well. With their innovative design and sturdy material, these come amongst some of the best boxes for packaging.
Made with high end techniques, these boxes are now being used everywhere. The sheets are non-stick and they can be imploded easily. This made many businesses and organization to opt for these foot lock tray boxes instead of the old fashioned ones that used out dated squeezing techniques. These light weight boxes prove to be a great source for transporting and storing products. With their efficient style and material they protect the products from damage while shipping. Apart from that, you get the option for experimenting with the design, style and sizes as well. They also not only store and protect the products but also with their innovative look, catch the eye of consumers.

With The Best Custom Boxes you will get the opportunity to get these boxes made in bulk without you worrying about the quality and expense. So choose for these customized foot lock tray boxes and get us make them for you.

Foot lock tray boxes prove to be the best and ideal option for you:

As we have already talked about the importance of good presentation in your business, so here we go again. If you want more sales, if you want more fame and branding then you must choose these foot lock tray boxes for your products. They come with a lot of advantages from protection, to impression and more. Foot lock bottom tray boxes are the kind of boxes that have bigger and simple lock parts that you can join to assemble and close the box. These boxes’ shape offers the ultimate security when they are closed. They can also be used for cosmetic products apart from just garments and bakery boxes.

Presentation is a language that speaks your brand and work ethics so putting some effort into it may help you in the long run. Also you can experiment with the design, size and shapes and also get them customized so people can see your art work in your boxes.

TBCB offer best customized foot lock tray boxes:

You got a great opportunity to play with the shape, size, design and pattern of these boxes that you want us to make for you. Bring your inner artist out and share with us your design, art work and logos that you want on your boxes. Not only that, you can other options added in these boxes as well. Customization of these boxes lets you have your own design and impress people with your work. The more the charm in the boxes the more the customers. These non-stick trays are unmistakable and can be locked from the lower part without stretching much. There are many options for customization available in these boxes like PVC windows, die cutting and more. Matte or gleaming finish and different other covering options are also available. Besides these, you can also customize the formats, sizes, material and coatings. We make the boxes as per the client’s needs and offer adaptable services. Not only that, we also offer you the option of having picture and text printed on these boxes and logo of your choice as well. That not only enhances the image but also helps increase your sales.

Design alterations of Foot lock tray boxes

Generally these boxes are made with non-stuck trays and the sideboards with the tray shaping the base. There are two locks in these boxes. One of them is bigger than the other one. These two locks join together thus guaranteeing the security of products packed inside. However, you can have your customization done by us. Also, we offer consultancy plan free of cost. With this, you may get help with your order related queries.

Choose your material

Foot lock tray boxes are available for you with your choice of design, shape, size and prints. There are different materials available that you choose for these boxes like cardboard, card-stock and Kraft. Plus, there is layered material also that you can choose for your foot lock tray boxes.  These materials are bio-degradable and thus eco-friendly. Also, if you are worried about the expense that may increase with the quality then these cardboard boxes and other materials that we offer are budget friendly and durable enough to keep your products from any harm. When you are done discussing the specifications and other things required, you can choose the material to be used for your order. Our design team is always there to guide you through and can suggest what material suits best. Also you get to have many other options from us like

  • Adjustable and adaptable printing options
  • Printing procedures like
  1. Counterbalance
  2. Computerized
  3. Flexography

Also, there are two printing colors that you can choose from. On is CMYK and the other is PMS. For modest tones, CMYK is suitable and for having more shades in printing PMS suits well. Also, it must be noted that PMS is costly than CMYK. After you have chosen the material, you are good to go. Our team always works their best and makes sure that the material used for your boxes is best quality material and sturdy enough to hold the products efficiently inside. Visit our website and find all the necessary detail regarding the products, materials and our services. Also, you can always contact us and our professional team will help you through.


We offer free delivery on discount orders. With fastest turnaround and affordable charges, we also deliver the order on your doorsteps. The turnaround time may also depend upon the medium or process you choose for delivery. Brisk turnaround time means the fastest and quickest of turnaround time that we offer which means we deliver the order in just few days. Our team is actively working and keeps a check on delivery of orders as well. They make sure that the order is delivered on time and if there is any issue they contact the client as soon as possible. Also, our team starts the production of your order after all the details are finalized and the quote as well. Deadline is always met and our team works their best to give you the perfect product as much as possible. 

Discount offers and other deals

The Best Custom Packaging bring you the opportunity to get these foot lock tray boxes at affordable rates. The technology used by us in the making of these foot lock tray boxes is high end so the rates that we offer are lesser than others. However, we do not compromise the quality of these boxes and make sure to use the best quality material and best technology. You may also get different discounted rates on certain orders and there may be some deals offered time to time or depending upon your order.

Foot lock tray boxes as the ideal storage boxes

Unlike other boxes, these foot lock tray boxes are sturdy and innovative and thus appeal the customers. These boxes have nonstick trays and have two locks that join together giving this box an efficient lock option and firmness. The products stored inside these boxes are guaranteed to stay safe from any damage or harm. Also, the material used for these boxes is environment friendly and thus they prove to stand amongst the ideal boxes for packaging.

Foot lock tray boxes as the easiest to assemble

Assembling the boxes can be difficult and confusing sometimes and sometimes they may not be assembled correctly but in case of these foot lock tray boxes, one need not to be worried about the assembly because they are easy to get together. They have two fold locks on board on both sides of the box. The trays are non-glued and their creative packaging is easy and not confusing at all. Due to their easy assembly and material, they are in demand by many businesses these days.

Plan help free of cost

If you have a plan for your customized boxes on your own, or you have no idea about the plan or the style, shape, material or anything about your boxes then we are here for your help 24/7. Our design team is very professional and they will help you through your plan. Also, if you want us, we can come up with a unique design pan for your boxes that may look innovative, trendy and yet very professional in its look. Also, we offer you this plan help totally free of cost. Our team will help you with your queries regarding your order. You can reach us any time on the given contact details and we will guide you through. Over a short span of time, due to our honest efforts and work we have gained respect and fame among market and people. if you order from us, you will find us efficient, honest and professional in every way. Also, our rates are reasonable and we offer many other services just for your convenience. Order from us and you will be satisfied because we give priority to our customers’ satisfaction and requirements.

Guaranteed quality

Not just our turnaround time, rates or other services are satisfactory but the quality that we use for our boxes is also guaranteed to be best grade. It is always considered that our customers are spending money on this order for something best and great quality. The name or brand cannot be out at stake. Poor quality does not only affect image but it also affects sales. And that is something that must not be compromised. So we use best quality material for your boxes and that too at affordable rates so that you can enjoy our services with the best of all. Our team works efficiently and always tries to deliver work in the given deadline. Not only that, they make sure to produce the exact order as per the client’s request.

Why should you choose us

You will be satisfied by choosing us because we are always active and there to help you with your orders and any confusion that you may have. Our team guides you through your order, be it your plan, help with design, quote or anything. Our professional team starts working on your order as soon as all the requirements are clear and decided. They try their best to make the exact product as ordered and leave no space for errors or differences.

As presentation of anything plays vital role in branding your name and enhancing your business, and packaging is something that adds on to it. So we give the best of styles, materials, rates and other services. We also offer fastest turnaround time and fastest delivery. Not only that, if your order from us, you may get the order delivered at your doorsteps. You pay what you see and there are no hidden charges charged by us at the time of payment. We use high end technology to make sure that the output is perfect and the print and colors are as close to order as possible. Other than the above mentioned services, we also offer security, durability and feasibility of these boxes. Order from us and have a great experience.

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