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Standard Production Plan:

The production time for Rigid Boxes normally takes 20-22 business days for making and further 5 - 6 business days for the ground shipping to reach at your doorstep.

Expedite Production Plan:

The expedited turnaround time for Rigid Boxes may vary as per the order quantities and will be shared at the time of order.




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Custom Telescoping Rigid Boxes

The use of Telescoping Rigid Boxes is now in demand and there are various reasons behind it such as greater durability, maximum protection, and being environmentally friendly. Keep in mind that choosing the right style of telescoping rigid packaging boxes is important for your business growth.

Your business growth and customer's attention will only depend on the design, shape, and colors of the wholesale custom telescoping rigid boxes. We provide quality custom-printed telescoping rigid boxes, which not only attract your potential customers but also give maximum protection to your products.

Undoubtedly, the demand for custom telescoping rigid packaging boxes is high just because of their environmentally friendly and durable features. It is not only limited to these features, but these premium telescoping rigid boxes have many other advantages in business growth.

Moreover, you can easily enhance the appearance of your products with the elegant design of these custom telescoping rigid packaging boxes. It will surely give your products an amazing and luxurious appearance and your customers will prefer your products over other brands.

Keep in mind that using high quality and outstanding design of telescoping rigid packaging boxes will elevate your brand in the market beyond your imagination, just because of durable and attractive design.

Impress Your Customers With Two PieceTelescoping Boxes

We provide premium quality and elegant-looking custom two-piece rigid boxes wholesale, which can protect your products in the long run. Also, you can easily use these telescoping rigid packaging boxes multiple times and they can easily be recyclable.

We provide thicker and more reliable packaging boxes, which protect the products from internal and external damage during the shipping process. Our professional team knows how to manufacture amazing designs with the best graphical information which can attract the attention of your customers.

When this happens, then it will surely promote your brand and customers will only prefer your brand products over all other brands in the market. We professionally design the best and most elegant telescoping rigid packaging boxes for your product which can surely boost your business sales.

Telescoping Cardboard Boxes Can Easily Promote Your Brand

The use of Kraft paperboard in these telescoping rigid packaging boxes will give more durability and reliability to your products which can last for a longer period.

Keep in mind that the eye-catching telescoping rigid box designs will give your customers great protection for their products. You can easily pack your desired products in these custom telescoping rigid packaging boxes without any problem.

Also, these packaging boxes are environmentally friendly, this thing is important in your business sales too. We manufacture packaging boxes, which not only provide maximum protection for your products but protect the environment too.

Almost every customer prefers to buy products that care about nature protection. We design premium quality and the best durable telescoping rigid boxes which give your customers the best attraction towards your products.

Greater Durability with Outstanding Colors Combination

Keep in mind that every business's growth depends on how they adopt techniques for product packaging. We manufacture the high-quality and eye-catching design of these custom telescoping rigid packaging boxes, which are environmentally friendly and easily recyclable. 

Undoubtedly, the cannabis industry is growing rapidly; almost every business requires new and innovative techniques to enhance its sales. One way to do this is only by using high-quality and elegant design custom telescoping packaging boxes.

Providing reliable packaging boxes with elegant designs is not a simple task, it requires professional artwork to give your customers the confidence to buy your products. Also, you can enhance your customer's confidence to prefer your brand over other brands, this happens when you choose the right quality and perfect design of telescoping rigid boxes.

Furthermore, we provide custom telescoping rigid packaging boxes with an economical price range and we don’t want to burden your business. We guarantee premium quality and outstanding design of telescoping rigid packaging boxes which come in affordable price ranges.

Multiple Benefits of Using Telescopic Boxes Packaging

Undoubtedly, using the premium quality and elegant design of these telescoping rigid boxes wholesale will give several benefits to your business. We manufacture top-notch design of packaging boxes that aim to attract the customer's attention to your products.

Also, reliability and durability are our top preferences while manufacturing telescoping rigid packaging boxes. These rigid packaging boxes will protect your products even in higher temperatures.

The durability of these telescoping rigid packaging boxes will work in the long run, so you can order these telescoping rigid packaging boxes from us as much as you want.

We have several colors, designs, shapes, and styles that we professionally use while manufacturing custom telescoping rigid boxes wholesale. Moreover, these packaging boxes telescoping rigid will promote your brand in the market in a shorter period.

The few benefits of using telescoping rigid packaging boxes in your business are given below:

  1. Economical Price Ranges
  2. Take less storage space
  3. Eco-friendly quality boxes
  4. Protect your products for the longer run
  5. Multiple shapes, styles, designs, and colors

Furthermore, you can also order add-ons to these telescoping rigid packaging boxes such as embossing, foil, and stamping. We give you a guarantee of premium quality and top-notch design of these custom telescoping rigid packaging boxes with the best durability.

With our elegant designs, shapes, and styles of packaging boxes, you will get an attractive and eye-catching appearance of your products.

Customized Telescoping Rigid Packaging Boxes Improve Your Sales

The packaging industry competition is increasing from time to time. We only give preference to our customer's needs and provide premium quality packaging boxes that can easily enhance your business sales in no time.

Keep in mind that the use of innovative tech in the packaging industry is common and we manufacture high-quality telescoping rigid boxes in bulk. You can order telescoping rigid packaging boxes from us and then it is our responsibility to provide elegant and reliable telescoping rigid boxes.

When you have the top-class quality of these telescoping rigid boxes with you, which come in an affordable price range with environmentally friendly features, then it will boost your customer's confidence to buy your products over all other brands.

Why Choose Us For Telescoping Rigid Packaging Boxes?

There are plenty of reasons to choose our packaging services over others. We understand that designing premium quality telescoping rigid boxes is not a simple task, but it is an amazing artwork that can boost business growth in no time.

We use innovative tech while manufacturing these telescoping rigid packaging boxes. Also, we have a variety of add-on options through which you can easily customize your telescoping rigid boxes such as the best shapes, elegant designs, attractive colors, and outstanding styles.

Moreover, you can also add your desired logo on your order of custom telescoping rigid packaging boxes, through which your brand can easily be promoted in the market.

All you need to do is just tell us your business requirements and then we manufacture telescoping rigid boxes according to your needs. Keep in mind that our turnaround production time for these telescoping rigid packaging boxes is quick and we have multiple delivery options, which are a convenient option for you.

Also, the delivery process is hassle-free and you get your telescoping rigid boxes order at your doorstep.

Custom Telescoping Rigid  Boxes Wholesale in the USA

As the market is growing, the competition is increasing. With the increasing competition, businesses have realized that they cannot do with just old marketing techniques rather they need some innovative ideas and trends that can send the message out there in the market and catch the attention of customers.

While packaging is one thing that is now being given much attention and effort, coming up with unique and innovative packaging ideas will do the job. It does not only help brand the name but also lets the companies meet the demands of their potential customers. Customized telescoping rigid boxes are one such option. These boxes are rigid and made with rigid cardboard. The thickness is usually 1.5mm or 2mm or even 3mm sometimes making the box sturdy and durable. These boxes also come with many options for experimentation.

Inspire your customers with customized telescoping rigid boxes

The telescoping rigid boxes are made in a way that they can expand thrice their size. These boxes are suitable for items like tools, furniture, and sports items. With easy assembling, durability, and sturdy nature, these boxes reduce the chances of product damage while shipping. And with your innovative artwork, these boxes will shine out and will help brand your name in the market. So choose these boxes for your boxes and let the people be amazed by your packaging techniques.

Choose us to make customized telescoping rigid boxes for you

You can choose us for your customized telescoping rigid boxes because we let you have your logo printed on these boxes, and other options like your choice of color, shape, size, style, material, pattern and artwork. We also offer affordable rates so you need not to worry about the expenses if you are just planning to start your business or you already have one. Apart from that, we also offer free delivery, fast turnaround time and in time delivery. We use eco-friendly material for these boxes thus keeping the environment as clean as possible.

We make sure to deliver the exact order as per our customer’s demands and are always willing to give our best. If you have any queries, you can always reach us through the customer service team which is active 24/7 to help you. With your style of boxes, you can stand out and make a name in the market so choose us and let us together make the best of the packaging solutions for you.

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