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Foil Stamping available in Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, Green, Rose Gold & Blue Color,


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Standard Production Plan:

The production time for Rigid Boxes normally takes 20-22 business days for making and further 5 - 6 business days for the ground shipping to reach at your doorstep.

Expedite Production Plan:

The expedited turnaround time for Rigid Boxes may vary as per the order quantities and will be shared at the time of order.




Packed in Boxes,




Customized Collapsible Rigid Boxes with Affordable Prices

Foldable Rigid Box:

When it comes to packaging, a foldable rigid box combines the strength of tough materials with a folding mechanism that makes it easy to store and put together. When these boxes are put together, they stay rigid, which protects the goods and makes the boxes last longer. 

However, they can be easily folded flat when unused, saving room for shipping and storing. Its foldable form makes the packaging process streamlined and suitable for manufacturers and customers. These flexible boxes can be used for a wide range of items. They also look sleek and professional.

Rigid Collapsible Box:

A rigid collapsible box is a new kind of packaging that blends the strength of rigid boxes with the user-friendly ability to be folded up. Because of this design, the box can be folded or collapsed, which saves room when it's being stored or moved. 

The box's rigidity ensures it keeps its shape and protects the things inside tightly. Brands that want both the high-end look of rigid packaging and the ease of use of foldable designs frequently choose rigid collapsible boxes because they provide a perfect balance of strength and flexibility in their packaging solutions.

Advantages of these Boxes:

The following are the advantages:

Space Efficiency:

Collapsible rigid boxes are designed for efficient storage and transportation, as they can be flat-packed when not in use, saving valuable shelf and shipping space.

Ease of Assembly:

The collapsible design allows for quick and straightforward assembly, providing convenience for both manufacturers and end-users.

Cost-Effective Shipping:

Due to their ability to be flat-packed, collapsible rigid boxes contribute to cost savings in shipping and storage, reducing freight and warehousing expenses.

Premium Presentation:

Despite their collapsible nature, these boxes maintain a high-end appearance, ensuring a sophisticated presentation that enhances the perceived value of the enclosed products.

Features of Collapsible Rigid Boxes:

The following are the advantages:

Sturdy Construction:

Even though they can be collapsed for storage, these boxes are rigid and durable, protecting the packaged items.

Magnetic Closure:

Many collapsible rigid boxes incorporate magnetic closures, adding a touch of luxury and ease of use when opening and closing the packaging.

Customization Options:

To create unique and eye-catching packaging solutions, brands can still benefit from extensive customization, including various shapes, sizes, and printing options.

Different Styles of Collapsible Rigid Boxes:

The following are the styles:

Foldable Lid and Base Boxes:

Featuring a lid and base structure, these boxes can be collapsed and assembled for efficient storage.

Magnetic Closure Boxes:

Boxes with magnetic closures add a touch of sophistication and ensure secure sealing.

Hexagon and Octagon Shapes:

Collapsible rigid boxes are not limited to traditional shapes; they can be crafted into unique hexagon or octagon shapes for added visual appeal.

We are the leading seller of these Boxes, providing a wide range of packaging options.

Boxes Dimensions:

Find the right size for you. Let our experts help you make these boxes for your goods, even if they need a particular style or design.

Materials For these Boxes:

To keep a high level of quality, we always use products that are good for the environment and are widely recognized and accepted. In addition to the white solid bleached sulfate (SBS) cards, we also sell kraft paper, E-flute cardboard board, and bux board, which are suitable for the earth. Usually, the composition weight is between 60 and 400 pounds, and the diameter of these boxes is between 55 and 60 points.

Printing and finishing Techniques for These Boxes:

The following are the technologies:

Digital Printing:

Ideal for short runs and complex designs, digital printing allows for vibrant and detailed graphics on the collapsible box surface.

Silkscreen Printing:

Suitable for solid colors and simple designs, silkscreen printing provides a cost-effective option for large quantities.

Embossing and Debossing:

These techniques can add texture and depth to the packaging, enhancing the visual and tactile experience.

Matte and Gloss Finishes:

Choosing between matte and gloss finishes allows appearance customization, providing a sophisticated or vibrant look.

Foil Stamping:

Metallic foils can be applied to certain areas, adding a luxurious and eye-catching element to the packaging.

Spot UV Coating:

Spot UV coating enhances specific design elements, creating a glossy and raised effect for added visual interest.


Step up your packaging game by ensuring your items are safe while they're being shipped and using collapsible boxes that are easy to store. Use packaging that is both useful and stylish to make a statement. Don't miss this big deal; improve your packaging trip right now. Place your order now and change how you give your people quality and ease of use.



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