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Box Style

Two Piece Style, Magnetic Closure, Drawer, Collapsible, Shoulder Neck

Dimension (L x W x H)

All Custom Sizes Available


100 to 500000

Paper / Card Material

Rigid Material,


CMYK Colors,

PMS (Pantone Matching System),

Spot Colors,


Gloss Lamination,

Matte Lamination,

Spot Gloss UV,


Included Options


Die Cutting,

Additional Options

Foil Stamping available in Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, Green, Rose Gold & Blue Color,


Flat View ,

3D Mock-up ,

Physical Sampling (On request) ,


Standard Production Plan:

The production time for Rigid Boxes normally takes 20-22 business days for making and further 5 - 6 business days for the ground shipping to reach at your doorstep.

Expedite Production Plan:

The expedited turnaround time for Rigid Boxes may vary as per the order quantities and will be shared at the time of order.




Packed in Boxes,




Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes Or Packaging Wholesale:

For companies looking for cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging, kraft rigid boxes wholesale are a wise choice. Not only does buying in bulk lower the price per unit, but it also makes sure that you always have enough eco-friendly packaging. 

These boxes are a great choice for those who care about both quality and the environment because of their wholesale options, which let businesses create them with branding elements.

Custom Boxes Or Kraft Rigid Wholesale Prices:

For unique and eco-friendly packaging, custom kraft rigid boxes are a great choice. Customized to fit your needs, these boxes can be made with different sizes, writing choices, and finishing options. Using kraft material gives things a unique look and feel, and companies can effectively communicate their brand personality through customization. These boxes can be used for a lot of different things, which makes them a great choice for people who care about both design and the environment.

Advantages of Kraft Rigid Boxes:

Eco-Friendly Material:

Cardboard boxes are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, making them an environmentally friendly packaging option.

Natural Aesthetics:

The natural brown color and texture of Kraft contribute to a rustic and organic appearance, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Sturdy and Durable:

Despite the eco-friendly nature, boxes maintain a robust and durable structure, providing reliable protection for the packaged items.


Kraft surfaces are printable, allowing for various printing techniques and customization, while still retaining a natural and earthy look.

Features of Kraft Rigid Boxes:

Foldable Design:

Some rigid boxes are designed to be foldable, offering convenience in storage and shipping while maintaining structural integrity when assembled.

Window Cutouts:

Window cutouts can be incorporated to showcase the contents inside, offering a glimpse of the product and adding an attractive visual element.

Printing and finishing Techniques for Kraft Boxes:


Flexography is commonly used for printing on Kraft surfaces, providing a cost-effective option for larger production runs.

Digital Printing:

Digital printing is suitable for shorter runs and intricate designs on boxes, offering flexibility and quick turnaround times.

Screen Printing:

Screen printing is effective for applying bold and solid colors to Kraft surfaces, creating visually appealing and sustainable packaging.

Matte Finish:

Opting for a matte finish on Kraft boxes enhances the natural and rustic aesthetics, providing a subdued and earthy appearance.

Ribbon and Twine Attachments:

Adding natural materials such as ribbons or twine enhances the eco-friendly and organic feel of Kraft boxes.

Stamped Logos:

Stamped logos with eco-friendly ink contribute to a sustainable and personalized touch on Kraft packaging.

Different Styles of Kraft Boxes:

Lid and Base Boxes:

The classic style with a separate lid and base, providing a versatile and eco-friendly packaging solution.

Collapsible Boxes:

Designed for space efficiency during storage and transportation, collapsible rigid boxes can be easily assembled for use.

Two-Piece Boxes:

Consisting of a base and lid that fit together, two-piece rigid boxes offer a simple yet effective packaging solution.

Our Boxes are the right mix of being strong and being good for the environment. Step up your packaging game and choose eco-friendly materials. Place your order now for a stylish and eco-friendly option.

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