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The production time for Rigid Boxes normally takes 20-22 business days for making and further 5 - 6 business days for the ground shipping to reach at your doorstep.

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The expedited turnaround time for Rigid Boxes may vary as per the order quantities and will be shared at the time of order.




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Custom Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes At Wholesale Prices

A shoulder neck rigid box is a normal two-piece box with a distinct cover and base. Besides it, a tray is also present inside the box's base. The fundamental advantage of a stiff shoulder neck box is that it may be built so the box's neck can be visible. Yet, you can also decide to place the lid around the neck.

If you sell fashion accessories, you will ensure an eye-catching unboxing experience for your customers. Pick customized shoulder neck rigid boxes to give an appealing appearance to your watches, brooches, tie pins, and other items.

Similarly, if you are a writer who wishes to send limited edition books to his readers Shoulder Neck Boxes will serve the purpose. These custom shoulder neck rigid boxes protect against pages and cover fading over time.

You can increase brand impact by using custom shoulder boxes with a gold foil boxes with logo and foam inserts. Using custom shoulder boxes with a gold foil logo, you can give your fragile bracelets and rings extra protection. It will also increase your brand's impact among targeted customers.

Choosing custom-printed shoulder neck boxes may provide e-cigarettes, vapes, pods, and many other devices with inspiring appearances. It will increase their visual quality among vape lovers.  Inform your buyers about the features of your storage devices by using custom-printed shoulder boxes.

Customized square shoulder boxes with themed prints can turn over client portrait photography with more style and glamor. Do you want to send cosmetic boxes products to customers that guarantee dazzling appeal, and hassle-free unboxing? Then select sturdy stock shoulder boxes with custom printing.

Are you looking for a reputable box manufacturer that provides you with the freedom to change shoulder boxes? Therefore, The Best Custom Boxes are the solution to your quest.

Shoulder Neck Boxes Benefit Our Customers

The Shoulder Neck Rigid Packaging Boxes are serving our customers for many years. The advantages of Shoulder Neck Boxes include:

Artistically pleasing in appearance

Shoulder neck boxes give another level to fashion by showing the extra neck portion when the item is closed. Create a unique form or color for your packaging to help it stand out from rival products.

Solid Protection

Shoulder neck boxes are more sturdy because they include an additional layer of board to make the neck. These boxes work best with inserts for your products to package delicate items like flowers and cosmetics.

Premium Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes Enhance Your Standard

People present candles, fragrances, glass decorative pieces, and other antiques in appealing shoulder-neck rigid boxes. The majority of people use shoulder neck boxes to gift a variety of edible products, such as chocolates. The top lid's friction closing, which offers additional safety, is the primary factor in their strength. Chipboard is prepared by die-cutting, adhering the wrap, and scoring with precise measurements. Though other shapes are possible, square and round shape is the most typical. We provide all sizes and shapes with customized printing in the manner that you desire. By creating packaging that is safe for the environment, we are helping it.

Custom Shoulder Neck Boxes Attract Customers

When printed on shoulder-neck rigid boxes, captivating graphics grab the audience's attention and elevate your brand to the top. Utilizing specially created shoulder boxes will help you stand out, draw attention to, and enhance the reputation of your company. Our talented designers aid you in creating special designs for custom shoulder boxes to elevate your product beyond the competition. You can also leave the designing and printing of your shoulder rigid boxes to our expert team.

Boundless Customization Options For Custom Shoulder Neck Boxes

No one can dispute the fact that developing exceptional custom shoulder neck boxes do not occur by chance. There is no single fundamental philosophy or method. It takes many printing ideas, design tactics, techniques, cutting-edge machinery, and equipment, to create custom shoulder boxes. The solution to all of your product needs is The Best Custom Boxes.

We Offer A Variety Of Shapes And Sizes

Shoulder neck packaging boxes must have distinctive shapes to enhance the appearance of the products they contain. With our assistance, select your chosen box form to create custom shoulder boxes. Consider using custom cube shoulder boxes to give your products some individuality. Choose custom rectangular shoulder boxes to provide your fragrances, candles, and other items with a unique appeal. By choosing customized hexagon shoulder boxes, you may give your jewelry gifts and vaporizers an eye-catching attractiveness.

Visit The Best Custom Boxes to have your boxes turned into fascinating shapes. We have die-cutting experts who use cutting-edge equipment to create custom shoulder boxes in whatever form you choose.

You can get support from our customer service representatives, who are on duty around the clock. You can give them explicit instructions for a particular form for wholesale shoulder packaging boxes with your unique measurements. Or you can ask them to choose enticing box shapes from our gallery. We offer everything!

Exquisite Design Makes Your Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes Unique

Our structural specialists guarantee the absence of any structural flaws in the custom shoulder boxes. We make them precisely following the sizes and shapes of your specified products. Foam and pillow inserts are accurately die-cut by our qualified die-cutters using top-notch die-cutting equipment. To ensure a tight seal for your items, we make custom shoulder boxes according to the measurements of your goods.

Rigid Material For Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes

The custom shoulder neck boxes comprise rigid material. The Best Custom Boxes makes custom shoulder neck packaging boxes by using two kinds of rigid material.

Grey chipboard cardboard

Grey chipboard cardboard, or uncoated recycled paperboard, is made from recycled materials. This material is famous for being strong and durable, making it perfect for producing opulent packing like rigid boxes. Its features are:

  • Strong and thick
  • produced using recycled materials
  • perfect for premium packaging

Duplex Chipboard

One-sided white cardboard is made of grey chipboard and has a bottom side that is without any coating. We coat the top side with white clay for printing applications. This material is well-known for its robust composition, which makes it suitable for quality packaging.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Strong and thick
  • Top side with clay coating for best printing
  • suitable for fancy packaging

We Provide Unlimited Printing Solutions

You shouldn't be concerned about the printing of customized shoulder neck rigid boxes. We employ contemporary digital and offset printing presses to ensure flawless printing on your packages with no gaps or bursts.

Using custom-printed shoulder boxes, draw clients' attention and encourage them to relate to your brand. By purchasing custom shoulder boxes with printed product information, you may educate clients about the critical characteristics of your product.

Printing logos and other branding components on shoulder boxes helps a company stand out from the competitors. Selecting custom shoulder boxes with logo imprinted can improve standing and increase brand awareness. Our branding experts know which branding and labeling strategies are most effective for promoting brands. Therefore they recommend eye-catching color schemes to print your custom shoulder boxes with the logo, brand name, and taglines.

The essential duty of our skilled printing staff is to accurately and blur-free print branding features using printing processes. We enhance your brand's visibility in the market. Our experts will employ sophisticated foil stamping equipment to emboss your logo in gold foil on the custom shoulder boxes.

Add-Onsgive A Unique Touch To Your Custom Boxes

Modifications and enhancements increase efficiency while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal. Customers can unbox products with ease and style if you provide them with custom shoulder boxes with thumb cutouts. By choosing custom shoulder boxes with cushioning, you may give your delicate items guard against damage from falls. By using shoulder boxes with velvet covers, you may add a touch of luxury and increase consumers' attitudes towards high-quality goods. Give our specialists a brief outline of your needs to witness the miracles. We not only have expert die-cut equipment nearby, but we also have expert die-cut personnel assigned to run it.

To ensure that your consumers can easily unbox your custom shoulder neck rigid boxes, we use die-cutting procedures. Furthermore, our packaging specialists assist you in selecting an enamel coating to cover your wholesale shoulder packaging.

Additionally, our packaging specialists assist you in selecting an enamel coating from the options available to cover your custom shoulder neck boxes. We add eye-catching visuals to your product presentation, such as silk, cotton, velvet, or any other material.

Custom Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes Wholesale in the USA

You might have seen those perfumes, candles, cosmetics, or antique items placed in neck rigid boxes or shoulder rigid boxes. Apart from that, many eatable items like chocolates and candles can also be seen in these boxes because these boxes not only present class and luxury but are strong enough to secure the product inside. With their rigid and hard material and friction closure of the upper lid, these boxes offer security for the products. You need not worry about the customization or the options for experiments because these boxes do come with a lot of options to experiment with so you can get these boxes made of your style.

Inspire people with your Customized Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes

These shoulder neck rigid boxes have 2 pieces having separate lid and bases. There is another tray added that is glued inside the base. This box looks classy when the neck shoulder of the box can be seen even with the box closed. You can experiment with these boxes and let us make innovative ones for you. That will not only help you brand your name but will also increase your sales.

We are a Go to Option For Your Customized Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes

We offer fast delivery, fast turnaround time, affordable rates, best quality material, free delivery, and options for you to choose your own design.  We let you have different shapes, sizes, styles, colors,s, and patterns for your boxes. Not only that, you can also have your logo printed on these boxes. We speak quality and volume. Our designer team works their best to come up with the best options for you to choose from or you can share your own as well. We consider every single detail of your order and try to deliver the best of our services and work. We also use eco-friendly materials so as to not harm the environment we live in. So choose us and let us together make innovative packaging options for your business and other purposes.

Why Choose Us?

We are experts at building custom shoulder neck boxes following client preferences. We have the necessary technical knowledge and abilities to create shoulder boxes. No matter what goods you want to store in your shoulder-neck rigid boxes, we will help you pick the ideal but fashionable style. Our skilled designers work with you to develop a creative graphic design and patterns and choose suitable colors. It will help to construct eye-catching custom shoulder boxes that will undoubtedly attract customers' attention. Thus, making your items stand out at first glance. We never leave you alone while designing. Our customer support team is available around the clock to address your concerns when creating jaw-dropping custom shoulder boxes.

Packaging serves as an advertising technique. Packaging boxes can speak for themselves. We are sure that the boxes we provide for you will increase sales of your goods. Customers will enjoy opening the wonderful packaging to reveal the product within. Our qualified crew provides elegant boxes beyond your expectations. The Best Custom Boxes will deliver your order without charge and securely to your location.

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