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Custom hair extension boxes are the most widely used packaging boxes in the market. We manufacture premium quality custom printed hair extension boxes, which can easily protect your products in the long run. Also, these custom hair extension boxes can save your products from any kind of external or internal damage during transportation. The use of hair extension is popular among men and female, but when you use top quality custom printed hair extension boxes then your customer will surely prefer your brand over all other brands. These custom printed hair extension boxes can easily enhance your business sales in a short period. However, there is no other better to promote your brand in the market than only using high quality custom hair extension boxes. These elegant-looking custom printed hair extension boxes will surely give your products a luxurious appearance to easily attract your customer's attention. Moreover, we offer custom hair extension boxes wholesale at the most affordable price ranges that never burden your business budget at any cost. To place your bulk quantity order of these custom printed hair extension boxes, you can contact our support team or also can directly place your order from our website.

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Box Style


Dimension (L x W x H)

All Custom Sizes Available


100 to 500000

Paper / Card Material

10pt to 28pt White SBS Card,

Eco-Friendly Kraft Brown,

Rigid Material,


CMYK Colors,

PMS (Pantone Matching System),

Spot Colors,


Gloss Lamination,

Matte Lamination,

Spot Gloss UV,



Included Options


Die Cutting,

Additional Options

Foil Stamping available in Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, Green, Rose Gold & Blue Color,


Flat View ,

3D Mock-up ,

Physical Sampling (On request) ,


Standard Production Plan:

10-12 days for production & 4 - 5 business days for ground delivery. 

Expedite Production Plan:

8 days for production & 4 - 5 business days for ground delivery. 



Ship Flat,


Packed in Boxes,





Hairs play a significant role in our personality. The length of hair ranges from short too long. Women with short or damaged hair want to feel better. Therefore, they make use of hair extensions to give their hair a fabulous look. As a result, hair extensions boxes are becoming fashionable. The hair extension suppliers must be able to present their goods in attractive packaging. Thus, they attract the majority of customers.

Why Should You Buy Custom Hair Extension Boxes?

If you run a cosmetics company, you should consider the packaging of your items. The packaging for cosmetics serves to protect the thing from harm. It raises consumer attention and improves the product's visual impact. The cosmetic products that need special packaging are hair extensions boxes. It lengthens our hair and gives it more volume. Hair extensions are delicate products that need protection from any harm. They need packaging that not only highlights their beauty but is also robust and long-lasting nature. Therefore, cosmetic companies should choose wholesale custom hair extension boxes.

Top Quality Custom Hair Extension Box in USA

The Best Custom Boxes make hair extension boxes with due diligence. Our team ensures they pay great attention to the customer and completely comprehend the design elements. Then, they communicate those elements to the packaging specialists and engineers.

The design, features, material selection, finish particulars, desired box size, and dimensions are only a few examples of these details. The industrial standards demand that businesses include all pertinent information on their custom printed hair extension boxes.

For instance,

  •  Color,
  •  Texture,
  •  Code,
  •  Directions,
  •  Risks (if any), and
  •  The components utilized to create the product, such as organic hair strands.

Considerations for Custom Hair Extension Box Packaging

Custom hair extension boxes are the best way to market your hair extension items. Although they are intended to be lightweight, they ought to be reliable and straightforward to use. Businesses should create them in a manner that motivates customers to purchase them.

There are numerous things to think about when it comes to packaging. For instance:

  • Dimensions of the Box
  • The box's weight
  • Structure of the Box
  • Secure and hygienic packaging
  • Sustainable Packaging.


We make an effort to offer all options on the market. Therefore, we offer the perfect material for your unique custom hair extension packaging boxes. The purpose of your packing will ultimately determine the material you use. We advise utilizing our e-flute corrugated if you seek more secure, sealed packing. We use this sort of packaging to secure and safeguard fragile items or consumables, making it robust and resistant to leaks. Perhaps you're seeking hair extension packaging that is more environmentally friendly. We advise using our ecologically friendly Kraft for that. Cardboard and box board are also available.

Efficient and eco-friendly packaging materials

Hair extensions are usually delicate. If companies do not pack them properly, they will be out of shape quickly.  Therefore, we do not advise hair extension packaging boxes wholesale using artificial materials. People use many chemicals in developing synthetic packaging, which could shorten the shelf life of custom hair extension boxes. Natural packaging materials are also strong, ecological, and biodegradable, making them a good choice for Hair Packaging Boxes.

The use of eco-friendly packaging materials never causes harm to hair extensions. They extend the product's shelf life. Custom hair extension boxes are ecologically friendly and may also include color printing characteristics to satisfy client needs. They are aesthetically acceptable to customers. The Hair Extension Packaging Boxes' color and shape should complement the goods while being skin-safe and durable. Therefore, purchasing one of our custom hair extension boxes is a wise investment.

Hair Extension Box Packaging's Exclusive Styles

The next step you can take is to change your hair extension box's basic structure. You can design a package for your brand by creating a custom packaging design for your hair extensions. This makes you distinctive from the competition in the market. What if you wanted to promote your item without bringing it out of its packaging? I suppose you could always try including a window cutout into your package.

Doing this creates a place for your product to be displayed without having to remove it from its protective box. Or perhaps you want your custom hair extension packing to appear extra pricey.

Choose the ideal design for wholesale custom boxes to enhance the unwrapping experience for your customers. When people like your goods because of the best unpacking experience. Without a doubt, they'll praise your offering and tell others about it. The various cosmetic box designs that we offer for custom hair extension boxes include:

  • Tuck box
  • Boxes containing a lid
  • Roll End Tuck box
  • Backward tuck end
  • Direct tuck end

Therefore, choose any exquisite style from the alternatives listed above to meet your sales goals.

Exquisite Printing makes your product noticeable

Imprinting your brand's messages on our Custom hair extension boxes can help you effectively spread positive messages. They are the perfect cosmetic products for display counters because they are made from natural hair. Add corporate logos and taglines to boxes to make them unique marketing tools to attract potential buyers. Including a window on these custom-printed hair extension boxes may elevate your brand's perception. It also helps your customers to perceive color and make purchases.

Printing information about product usage may inform your consumers how to make the most of your hair extensions for extended periods. These hair extension packaging will promote your brand and help customers recognize you for a long time.

The best custom boxes have a team of experienced practitioners who can assist you in choosing the best spot on the boxes to emphasize:

  • printed product details,
  • company name
  • logo, and
  • Advertising taglines.

This will ensure information readability and help you create a favorable brand reputation. Customers will choose your brand more readily. Thus, increasing brand loyalty.

Printing Choices for Wholesale Hair Extension Boxes

Your goods will look more appealing with high-quality printing. For Custom Hair Extension Boxes, we provide printing of the best quality. We provide a variety of printing techniques, including:

  • electronic printing
  • display printing
  • off-set printing

Offset printing is the most popular printing technique for custom-printed hair extension packing boxes.


Furthermore, we at Best Custom Boxes provide a variety of customization options for the packing of your hair extension boxes. For instance, lamination, coatings, waterproof layers, embossing, and debossing offer your product packaging a luxury appearance. Therefore, we produce wholesale custom hair extension boxes in the manner described above for the packing of your items.

Premium Boxes for Hair Extensions

Are you seeking premium packaging for hair extensions?  We create the packaging by giving you all options for changing the packaging. As you already know, we offer adjustments to almost every component of the package. This includes alterations to the look of your premium custom hair extension boxes. Modifications to the design, color, font, and other aspects influence the presentation of your items.

Assume you are looking for a plan to display your festive wholesale hair extension packing. Why not consider using red and green, colors connected to holiday celebrations, for your packaging? You may always go for a simpler look by using a basic design for your custom-printed hair extension packaging.

Make a Statement with Custom Hair Extension Boxes to Draw in Customers

Since many people utilize hair extensions to meet their various hair-beautifying needs, they have particular importance in the retail industry. Do you want to increase the length of your hair or change your hairstyle? These hair extensions, which come in various styles, hues, and tones, have solutions to all your problems.

So many both local and national cosmetic companies are introducing their lines of hair extensions. Wholesale hair extension packaging is the best representation of your brand. It is the only route you can take to stand out from the competition and win over clients. These packaging’s are ideal for immediately drawing attention to you on the shelves. They emphasize the real advantages your hair extensions offer. Thus making customers' purchasing decisions simple.


By offering the greatest services, the Best custom boxes can produce the best custom hair extension boxes in the industry.  Furthermore, it typically takes us 6 to 8 working days to ship our hair extension boxes. For a nominal cost, you can make fast delivery for your extension box if you require them sooner.


We recognize the value of providing our customers with excellent service because we work in the service sector. Therefore, we want to ensure that your experience with us is not just good, but fantastic. We consider it an honor that you would use our expertise for your hair packaging boxes. We have many policies as a result of this to guarantee client happiness. One is that we always have a customer service professional on hand. Our entire staff is therefore just a phone call away!

Additionally, we can provide you with a 2D and 3D prototype of your custom hair extension boxes. One of the many items we make quickly is wholesale custom-printed hair extension box packaging. Visit our website now to view the complete selection.

Custom Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale in USA

You might have observed the increasing trend of hair extensions and the spas and salons buying them in bulk. Apart from that, girls buy them to apply at home as well. Hair Extensions add volume and length to your hair and it is a great way to enhance your beauty. If you can look beautiful with them then why not!

But again, they need to be presented and packed in very appealing boxes so as to catch the attention of people and increase your sale. Because appealing and trendy packaging is what catches the eye of customers more than the actual product. The unique the presentation , the more will be the purchase. Not only that, it will also say a lot about your work ethic and your motivation and interest towards your brand or work because presentation does play an important part in catching people’s attention, impressing them and making your name in this crowdy, competitive and fast growing market.

Impress others with your customized Hair Extension Boxes

In the competitive market of make-up and cosmetics, for you to stand out and make a sale you must need some appealing presentation of products and these hair extension boxes will do the job for you. Also, what if we tell you that you can get these boxes made in bulk with your choice or design, size and artwork? Won’t that be a great deal to impress others with your aesthetics and presentation? Well, yes. So get your hair extension boxes wholesale customized and amaze the market.

Why us for your customized Hair Extension Boxes

Because we make the best quality, eco-friendly, durable and affordable customized boxes for you. The color, pattern, size, design and style would be of your choice. You can also get your logo printed on them that will definitely help you make your name. We let you flourish your business and make more sales because of these customized boxes. It would be a great deal for you as you will have to spend less on these boxes and will get the best out of it.

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