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Box Style


Dimension (L x W x H)

All Custom Sizes Available


100 to 500000

Paper / Card Material

10pt to 28pt White SBS Card,

Eco-Friendly Kraft Brown,

E-flute Corrugated,


CMYK Colors,

PMS (Pantone Matching System),

Spot Colors,


Gloss Lamination,

Matte Lamination,

Spot Gloss UV,



Included Options


Die Cutting,

Additional Options


Window Patching,

Foil Stamping available in Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, Green, Rose Gold & Blue Color,


Flat View ,

3D Mock-up ,

Physical Sampling (On request) ,


Standard Production Plan:

10-12 days for production & 4 - 5 business days for ground delivery. 

Expedite Production Plan:

8 days for production & 4 - 5 business days for ground delivery. 



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Packed in Boxes,




1-2-3 bottom boxes

Most of us are familiar with different styles of boxes that are now being used by different brands and businesses. Providing support, durability, storage capacity and glam has been the main purposes of them all. 1-2-3 bottom boxes are one such style. They are most commonly called as the snap lock boxes and why? Because they are made in a way that they have three flaps at bottom that are interlocked together. The side flaps of these boxes once interlocked, serve as the perfect frame and provide maximum strength and safety for whatever product that is to be packed in that box.

If you are familiar with a jigsaw puzzle you might understand that shape of the bottom of these 1-2-3 bottom boxes because there bottom is also assembled with trays of flaps in a proper and complete shape that provide long lasting support and stability to it. When compared to tuck bottom boxes, the 1-2-3 bottom boxes are found to be the most durable and strong enough to hold the weight of the product inside efficiently. Not only they are good in durability, but they are great economically as well because they have a lot less of manufacturing cost as compared to tuck bottom boxes or auto lock boxes. Interlocked bottom flaps of these 1-2-3 bottom boxes offer more strength and let the box stay in place firmly.

With the ease to assemble them and their simple yet catchy design coming with options of experiment, these 1-2-3 boxes are gaining more attention and hype from different business and brands. Many businesses are using these boxes because they can easily be modified with little effort to into show boxes and also serve as the great option for storing and presenting your products.

1-2-3 boxes as the best option for showcasing your products

For your business to grow and gain the attention of customers, the presentation of your products is as important as their quality and specifications. The first thing every customer sees is the presentation of your product that tells a lot about your work ethics and your prestige. For businesses to flourish and sell their products, presentation is the key. Be it food, cosmetics boxes, stationery, apparel boxes or more, the presentation does affect your sale and thus, we offer you boxes that you can use for your businesses and brand your name. Not only that, we let you have the option of customizing these boxes as per your choice. The Best Custom Boxes makes durable boxes by using protected base to make sure the boxes hold the product efficiently enough.

These boxes make to some of the quite famous boxes for packaging because they are direct to gather and yet are best for showcasing products. The Best Custom Boxes lets you have these boxes made by us with your choice of style and you can also get them at unit order and discount order.

Get your 1-2-3 boxes customized by us

For storing items, packing and securing them, 1-2-3 bottom boxes make the ideal ones as they are sturdy enough to handle the weight of product inside and they can be easily assembled as well. Made form good quality paperboard, these boxes seem to be the best option for you. The material is environment friendly and biodegradable. The Best Custom Packaging lets you have these customized 1-2-3 bottom boxes made by us with the option for you to experiment with style, design, pattern and make these boxes eye catching. We don’t charge you for printing plate hardware or for cutting pass-on that increase the benefits. Also, we offer free delivery.  Following are the benefits you get from us in these customized boxes:

  • Embossing, De-bossing impacts
  • Best supplier for packaging
  • 3D view of boxes
  • A minimum start with 100 boxes
  • Lowest rates
  • Fluid coating
  • Customized styles and other arrangements
  • You can pack all kinds of products and items
  • Pantone colors and CMYK
  • Customization to a certain level

Depending on the clients’ requests, these boxes are available in different styles, shapes and sizes. The customization of these 1-2-3 bottom boxes gives you an option to choose certain elements of custom packaging thus you can make changes in the style and sizes to make your boxes look more appealing and alluring. A handle can also be added on the top or any of the box sides as well. For delicate items, this sort of packaging is encouraged. This type of box also saves the items stored in it from breakage during shipment.

Changes in your design

When you request for boxes, we offer plan consultancy free of cost. This will let you get help with making packaging box for your products. You can experiment with shape, sizes and shading of these boxes as you like. For benefiting from more administration, choose your completion and thwarting. We can make both the matte and gleaming completion as per your choice.

Choose the material you like

We can make these 1-2-3 bottom boxes for you with the material that you choose. You can choose from boxboard, Kraft paper, cardstock and many other materials. The materials we use in making these boxes are superior grade, sturdy and tough because we understand that the main purpose of these boxes is to protect the products packed inside. The Best Custom Packaging lets you choose your preferred material from a variety of material accessible on our website. You can also demand the models from us which will help you decide and choose the material, print and assembly.

Delivery and transportation of your order

The Best Custom Boxes offer free delivery on discount orders. The turnaround time varies and depends on your request of delivery. Brisk turnaround time means that your order is sent to your doorsteps in merely days. We have a professional team working their best all the time and they make sure to connect with you in case to resolve disarray that may occur. When your order and request is clear, we start the work and make sure to finish it in the decided timeline. We are sure that you will be amazed by the services and help from us.

Discounted rates and offers

When you order from The Best Custom Packaging, you get the most affordable and discounted rates for these 1-2-3 bottom boxes. By smoothing out our cycles, we make these boxes so conceivable to cost as less as possible and thus you get the affordable rates by us. But we do not compromise over the quality and standard and make sure to keep it at best so you never have to worry about the quality of packaging.

1-2-3 boxes as ideal for massive and reasonable items

As compared to top-fold boxes, the 1-2-3 bottom boxes are best for keeping massive and burden things and other reasonable things. Other boxes might not be able to handle the burden of heavy items and the products inside might get harmed. But 1-2-3 bottom boxes are made with tough and high quality material and the base of the boxes is made strong by interlocking the base folds. Thus these boxes are strong enough to bear the weight of product and protect it from damage. Also, the box is has entirely shut bae and opening of base folds is small.

Easy manual assembling of 1-2-3 boxes

1-2-3 bottom boxes give the vibe of a riddle where several pieces are put together to make a total shape or picture. Assembling the boxes can be confusing, hard and it may take some time but assembling of these 1-2-3 bottom boxes is easy and clear. You just need to find the biggest baseboard in the box and crease it at point two end board and then press it into the leftover baseboard. They also come with locking component that makes them more grounded than other boxes like fold top base box or fold top snap box.

Get plan assistance free of cost

If you find it difficult to choose the best fitting plan, or you find any difficulty in choosing any specification for your order then you can always reach us and get recommendations by our expert designer team. We do not charge you for such assistance and are always looking forward to help our customers with their queries. The Best Custom Packaging assist customers with packaging and printing queries and with such effort, has gained trust and reputation by many clients over the time. we are happy to tell you that our administration in terms of amount, quality and other services are great and make us stand out in the market.

Guaranteed quality

We make sure that our clients get the best of our services and the material is such that they do not have to worry about their products and their brand image. We use high quality materials and our efficient team makes sure to utilize the trend-setting innovations so that our clients get both the packaging and printing worthwhile. We make sure that the quality, amount and other arrangements in packaging are beyond great. We also make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our work and services and thus we make no compromises over quality, quantity and other services that we provide.

Why should you choose The Best Custom Boxes

The Best Custom Packaging is there to assist you with various things regarding packaging solutions all the time. We make sure that the packaging boxes are made exactly as per our client’s request and work our best to customize the boxes perfectly so that the clients are satisfied and there is no error that may affect them in their business. We understand that how important packaging is in business and thus make sure to keep no error in the packaging services that we provide. You can get these 1-2-3 bottom boxes customized by us and get help with additional items that you require in these boxes. Plus, there are no hidden charges for administrations so stay clear about the fact that you pay for exactly what you see and decide with our team. Our top-notch administration, printing services and packaging services at affordable rates make it easier for you to get your packaging needs filled. We offer best administration services that respond to your packaging needs from one spot. Be it our turnaround time, free delivery, conveyance and other services, our customers will definitely be satisfied with us, our work and our services.

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