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Bux Board,

Rigid Material,



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Standard Production Plan:

The production time for Rigid Boxes normally takes 20-22 business days for making and a further 5 - 6 business days for the ground shipping to reach your doorstep.

Expedite Production Plan:

The expedited turnaround time for Rigid Boxes may vary as per the order quantities and will be shared at the time of order.



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Custom Handle Boxes: A Packaging Solution for Every Industry

Custom printed handle boxes combine the usefulness of handle boxes with the power of branding. With high-quality printing, these boxes can have unique patterns, product information, and branding. Companies can make unique packaging that shows who they are and what they stand for because there are so many ways to make changes. 

Custom printed handle boxes are often used by businesses that want to make a big impression on their customers and offer a useful and stylish way to package their goods. Whether they are used for store goods, advertising items, or freebies at an event, these boxes act as a moving sign that tells the storey and values of the brand.

Wholesale Handle Boxes:

Companies that need a lot of packaging get wholesale boxes. These boxes are made to be ordered in large quantities. They come in different sizes to meet the needs of makers, wholesalers, and stores. Wholesale handle boxes are a cheap way to package things that still keeps the quality and usefulness of packaging with handles. 

They are a great choice for businesses that want to cut costs per unit and make their packaging supply chain more efficient. These boxes can be used in many different industries, which makes them a good choice for businesses that want to improve the look and feel of their products.

Custom Packaging Boxes with Handle:

Custom packaging boxes with handles are good because they can be made to fit your needs and are easy to use. Businesses can work with packaging makers to make boxes with their own logos and pictures, as well as handles to make them easy to carry.

These boxes are good for store items, freebies, and monthly boxes. When you add handles to a product, it makes it more useful and makes it easier for customers to move and handle the items. Custom packaging boxes with handles are a popular choice for businesses that want to stand out and provide a useful packaging solution that makes the customer experience better as a whole.

Features of custom handle boxes:


Customers find it easy to carry the box because it has handles built in. it is particularly helpful for heavyweight or large items.


These boxes can be made in any size, shape, colour, or design, so brands can use them to make packaging that fits with who they are.


Wide Range of Uses: Gifts, cosmetics, food items, electronics, and more can all be put in custom handle boxes.


Most of the time, these boxes are made of high-quality materials that keep the things inside safe during shipping and storage.

Enhanced Presentation:

The handle makes it easy to put the package on store shelves, where it will catch the eye of potential buyers.

Advantages of custom handle boxes:

Easy Opening:

Boxes often have handles that can also be used to open them easily. This makes unboxing a pleasant experience.

Full-Color Printing:

High-quality printing options allow for bright and detailed graphics, which make the box look better overall.

Promotional Messages: 

Promotional messages, discounts, or information about the product can be printed on custom handle boxes, which can increase sales and upselling.

Seasonal and Limited Editions:

For holidays or limited-edition products, brands can make special packaging that gets customers excited.


Depending on the material and design, custom handle boxes can be a cost-effective way to package large amounts of items.

Different Styles of Custom Handle Boxes:

Die-Cut Handle Boxes:

The handles on these boxes are cut right into the packaging material, giving them a smooth and professional look.

Tote-Style Handle Boxes: 

Tote-style handle boxes have handles that come out of the top, making them look like shopping bags. They have a lot of room for branding and personalization.

Gable Handle Boxes: 

These have a unique gable-shaped top and a handle that is already built in. They are often used to wrap gifts and hold takeout food..

Rope Handled Boxes: 

Handles made of rope look expensive and classy. They are often used to package expensive items and gifts.

We are the biggest company that sells Custom Handle Boxes. We have many options to meet a wide range of packaging needs.

Custom Handle Boxes Dimensions:

Find the right size for you. Let our experts help you make the right packaging for your products, even if your Custom Handle Boxes needs a certain style or design.

Materials For Custom Handle Boxes:

We always use good, eco-friendly materials to make sure our work is good. We also have eco-friendly kraft, E-flute corrugated, and bux board in addition to white SBS cards. Between 10 and 28 points are needed for the paper (60 to 400 pounds).

Printing Techniques for Custom Handle Boxes:

Digital Printing: 

Digital printing is great for small runs and complicated designs because it offers bright colours and high-quality graphics.

Offset Printing: 

Offset printing is good for large production runs because it produces sharp, consistent prints in a wide range of colours.

Flexographic Printing: 

Flexographic printing is often used for simple designs because it is cheap and quick for large orders.

Screen Printing: 

This method is great for bold and colourful designs, giving the packaging a finish that is both tactile and visually appealing.

Custom Labels and Stickers:

Boxes with handles can be branded or used for promotions by adding labels and stickers with your own designs and messages.

Matte or Glossy Lamination: 

Laminating the boxes makes them look better and last longer. Matte lamination gives things a classy, understated look, while glossy lamination gives things a bright shine.


By embossing or debossing patterns or logos into the surface of the box, these techniques add texture and sophistication.

UV Coating: 

UV coating gives the printed surface a shiny, protective layer that makes the colours stand out and protects the packaging from wear and tear.


Foil stamping can be used to add metallic or holographic details to a design, making it look more expensive and eye-catching.


With our Custom Handle Boxes, you can mark them in a lot of different ways. These different ways to package your goods not only show off what you're selling, but they also make things easier for your customers. Are you ready to leave a lasting impression and make every delivery an experience?

 Put in your order now to take your brand to new heights.!


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